The Opportunity: 

In 2015, the Verona Public Library adopted a strategic plan with the goals of adapting the current facility to the needs of the 21st century.  A central part of this effort is to relaunch the Library’s online presence. The current site is built on a platform that most staff feel is difficult to update. The back-end structure has become difficult (and costly) to maintain and update, and the user interface is not completely responsive.

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Verona Public Library Homepage Mockup

Verona Public Library Homepage Wireframe

Wireframes and Mobile design:

Low-fidelity wireframes of the homepage were created during the early phases of the design to address the User Interface concerns on mobile device.


VPL Moble Design



Designing for All Users:

This site has two main user groups: library patrons and library staff. As an advocate for both of these distinct user groups, my approach was to have an understanding of how the library’s goals affect the users, user expectation, how users interact with the current website, and how the technical challenges library staff faced updating and maintaining the site on the existing platform. Insights into these issues are crucial to achieving strong user experience.

Children's Page Mockup

Book Collections

Technologies Used: 

Adobe PhotoShop