The Project: 

Wine Down Booksellers is a web design project based on a love of wine and books. The main purpose of this site is to promote a fictional, small independent book and wine merchant in NYC. The site design presents the personality of the organization, market their goods, services and events, and encourage visitors to come to their physical location. The underlying idea is to create a wine seller that specializes in pairing readers, wine, and books together based on the user’s reading habits and wine preferences.

Wine Down Booksellers Mockup

User Persona 2



User persona 1



User Experience Design:

User personas were created to represent the target audience of Wine Down Booksellers.

A sitemap was created to ensure the site’s navigation would be intuitive.

Web Design Process:

Wireframes were created by hand and then in Balsamiq to layout the basic design of the homepage. 

A final design comp was created in Adobe Photoshop.


Wine Down Booksellers Wireframes

Wine Down Booksellers Mockup


Homepage Look & Feel:

Finally, a mock-up was created in Adobe Photoshop with individual elements created in Adobe Illustrator to represent the final homepage design.

Wine Down Booksellers is a sophisticated, yet friendly and approachable brand. 

The color scheme  is wine themed. The typography combines Vast Shadow for the hero image,  Playfair Display for the headings, and Montserrat for the navigation and text. The imagery used combines books and wine.