The Project: 

This is the landing page design comp for a fictional, luxury real estate firm in New York City.  The target audience are individuals looking for high-end, luxury apartment and condo rentals in New York City. The three main actions I want users to take when visiting this site are: 

  • Request a showing of a property.
  • View listings on the website.
  • Contact a broker.

Noble Realty Comp

Noble Realty Comp2


Look & Feel: 

For the typography, I decided to go with Raleway and Lusitana, a simple, refined, and sleek serif and sans-serif combination. 

For the color scheme, I selected Ivory Black as the main color, with Prussian Blue and Gold Leaf as accents to convey a luxury feel. 


Web Design Process:

Wireframes were created in Balsamiq to layout the basic design of the landing page.

A final high fideality design comp was created in Adobe PhotoShop.  


Noble Realty Low-Fidelity Mock Up

Noble Realty Hi-Fidelity Mock Up