In August 2018, I started the 100 Days Of Code challenge with bright-eyed, bushy-tailed eagerness. I made it to day 55 and stopped. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately, they don’t matter, because I did not reach my 100-day goal. But, I also learned a lot of valuable information about coding and myself during the process. Now, I’m giving it another go in 2019.

First Attempt at 100 Days Of Code

I started the #100DaysOfCodeChallenge in August 2018. My main focus was to learn JavaScript. I had previously taken a class in JavaScript a few years ago but hadn’t really used that knowledge in a really productive way. I had no knowledge of ES6.

What I accomplished

I got up to day 55, completing various Codecademy tutorials, a free introduction to JavaScript internet course, Skillcrush’s JavaScript lessons, over 40% of a Udemy JavaScript course, FreeCodeCamp’s Introduction to JavaScript.

I built a JavaScript dice game, clock, and simple task manager application while following tutorials.

I learned how I learn and retain information. Video tutorials and hands-on coding yes, books not-so-much.

Why I stopped

Two words: lost focus.  I began working on a few WordPress websites (design and coding) for work and Web Technology Imagepersonal projects. These projects required coding, HTML, CSS, and a little PHP, but no JavaScript.  I became overwhelmed by the number of projects I was undertaking and discouraged with the pace at which I felt I wasn’t learning (because I lost focus).

Why I’m not as mad at myself as I might have been

I coded regularly, built projects I am proud of and learned a lot. I’m a better coder than when I started. That is an accomplishment. Time to take it to the next level.


#100DaysOfCode Round Two

Why I am starting over from Day 1

I want to learn JavaScript dammit! I want to be able to jump into a codebase and fix bugs or add functionality to a front-end project.

I need to learn JavaScript to achieve my career goals.

There are many, MANY cool tools, frameworks, and libraries using JavaScript and I want to build with them.

Seems more honest to start from day 1 and in keeping with the spirit of the challenge. Also, I want to start with a clean slate.

What my focus will be


I believe slow and steady wins the race, so I am going to try and take one course at a time. I think I had too many things going on at once previously and that contributed to my feeling overwhelmed and stopping at day 55. 

 Commitment to Accountability

I will tweet daily about my progress.

I write a weekly recap on my blog.

Hopefully, by April 10, 2019, I will be completed this round of my 100 Days of Code Challenge and be moving on to round 3!


Happy New Year!

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